Denon A11 first impression

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by gandley, Nov 4, 2003.

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    hi all,

    after a recent trip to the US i was able to take a look at the denon
    dvd A11.(5900 in US)
    wow what a great dvd player. it also seems that so far there are no real problems that effect it either.(bar firewire/ilink)
    the picture was first rate and is very much better than the 2900.
    the dcdi chip is a real improvemnt over the 503/504 silicon effort.

    wasnt able to view dvi as the deck was not enabled yet.(i was one week to early)
    but for me this was the best pic ive seen from analogue DVD(component) it realy does have a wow factor.

    The sound was also very good esp with sacd and dvda.
    again the best ive heard from an all in one.

    The downside.......

    it does appear that its firewire/ilink outputs wont work as yet with pioneer amps(possible firmware upgrade maybe)
    which is a real downer and there is rumours that it may have trouble with the Z9 from yamaha.
    This is a bit poor as you would of thought denon would of checked first for compatability.

    Still everything else was spot on. I think PQ quality was ahead of the Arcam 27a for reference

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