Denon A11 firmware upgrade



It seems denon do have it ready to send out but it puts the player back into region 2 only playback.

Obviously this is not an option for me as a large portion of my dvd collection is region 1 as I am sure most of yours are.

What now?



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Dont panic too much, its Denon who also do the MR firmware. it will slip out the back door once its been modified.

Your dealer should be able to get hold of a copy as soon as the denon reps have it


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Heya all
Its been a while sins I posted a msg.
But I finaly got my A11 and A1SR :D I wonder is there anyway I could see what firmeware version i got sins they made it region free at Denon holland and i dint got a cd with it. so far i dint see any problems, and the menu slow?? how slow do you mean (from other posts :) ) it's pretty fast I had a denon 700 for a while but this one is faster



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To see the firmware version:

1) power the player off with the front panel power button

2) while holding the play and open/close buttons down, power the player on using the front panel power switch until you see the play and pause icons appear on the display

3) press the enter button on the remote to toggle through the various firmware registries

Mine is MR but has the known issues (slow, macroblocking, DVI):
Make Day 1015
SYSTEM 6542-1
DSP1 6332
DSP2 6333
ESS 63341

Please post yours.


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Thanks for the reply

It seems i have the same firmware version as yours there all the same.
But as far as i noticed i have had no problems at all not even slow menu's.


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