Denon A11 and Marantz VP12 S3



Just purchased a Denon A11 and a Marantz VP12 S3 and would appreciate help regarding which is the better method of connection: Component or DVI?
Darryl :confused:
its realy a case of try and see.

via dvi you will have to spend more time calibrating the S3 to deliver the colours in real vibrancy. youll need DVE disc to do a proper job.

but youll get the better pic via dvi by a fair margin, just takes effort to get there

Have fun
Hows it going?

and out of interest how far do u have the PJ from the screen and what width of image do you get in inches?

im thinking of the S3 as next purchase but ill need to be 13 feet back with an image width of around 78ins. not sure if this is poss with the S3.
Any idears?
A11 arrives tomorrow.
Projector is 4.46metres from screen which is 120" diagonal and the picture is brilliant but for some reason this S3 won't work with HD and a replacement which I'm assured does work is due here in an hour.
I'll post the results ASAP.
No bloody good!
Firstly I tried a second brand new Marantz VP-12S3 and still no HD picture.
Either the component cable I'm using is too long i.e. 12metres (any comments will be welcome) or the STB is faulty.
Secondly my AVC-A1SRA (I like the idea of all signals being up converted to component) which was due to be delivered tomorrow with the A11 has still not been released in Australia by the importer - no installation tomorrow.
I'll update when things finally happen.

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