denon a11 and dvds with bad progressive flags

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by shortround, Jun 18, 2004.

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    i recently purchased this beast and am having some trouble with some dvds dropping to video mode. the main culprit is the tartan ntsc 5.1 release of battle royale. it constantly flicks between film and video mode and throws up some rather nasty artifacts as a result.

    i was under the impression the a11 was able to cope with dvds that have incorrect progressive flags and i've read on the net that this particular dvd does indeed have bad flags (the irony being that the cover has 'for progressive scan players' plastered on the front!). i would of thought that prog scan players would have a mode that would force progressive 3:2 pulldown regardless of what signals it's getting from the dvd to counter this problem, but i can find no such option in the denon's setup menu.

    is it the case that an intelligent chipset can only cope with bad flags to a certain extent, but if they are too bad then there's nothing that can be done? or is my player faulty?

    perhaps someone could enlighten me on the subject? or if anybody has the same player and owns this dvd, perhaps they could try it out and let me know how the player performs?


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