Denon 500SD Picture Problems


Homer J

I have just bought a Denon DHT-500 and connected it to my Phillips 32PW6006 widescreen tv using a scart cable into the 1st scart socket which according to the tv's manual is RGB.

When the Denon is set to component or S-Video I get an ok picture, but when I set it to RGB I get a good clear crisp picture but the picture has a green tinge to it.

What could be causing this green screen problem. I remember this sort of problem happening when trying to watch DVD's on a Sony PS2 when they 1st came out.


1st thing to do is try another scart cable...

Assume you have had something else connected to the TV's scart1 and it worked fine?

Homer J

I currently have my Sky+ box connected to the TV's Scart 1 & that works fine. When I tested the Denon I actually took the scart cable out of my Sky+ box & used it to test the Denon, so i know the scart cable is ok


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Hi homer

You could try checking the the output signal in the dvd menu, make sure it is set to RGB if this is how you intend to set it up, Also check the video standard, I.E PAL, NTSC or MULTI, which in also in the dvd setup menu. Mine is set to pal unless viewing region 1 discs!

The omly time I have this problem is when the scart used isn't an RGB scart, wrong video standard or scart inserted into to wrong scart socket.

Hope this helps

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