Denon 500sd , Fan question


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Does anyone know if the fan in the back of the 500sd runs all the time or just when its needed. I was installing a new HD network player for my mum & dad and noticed that the 500sd was very hot, checked the fan and it wasnt blowing, kept checking it over a 10 minute period and it never came on. They only really use it as an amp so the dvd never gets used , does the fan only run when playing dvd's or should it be running all the time ?.


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If my memory serves me correctly the Denon fan kicks in when you have the volume at 45 and above. Although I can understand that you think it seems to run hot if the fan does kick in as I described I would think it's operating as designed and within the designed parameters.

I've had my DHT 500 for two years and had no problems and reckon it's an A+ class piece of kit.
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