Denon 4520CI Snowy Video Issues


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I have a Denon 4520CI connected to my Directv via HDMI (cable/sat source input) and my LG OLED 77CXP via HDMI ARC. When I turn on the all the components my video is always nothing but white snow. The audio works but the snow picture never corrects itself unless I change the source on the Denon to a source that has no input such as the game source which is unconnected. I get the Denon logo screen and if I leave that for 2-3 minutes and then change back to the cable/sat (Directv) source the picture remains stable. Occasionally, I'll see the picture is still unstable (unsmooth and choppy flow of the picture) and it will eventually revert back to snow. I'll repeat the source switch to game again, wait 2-3 min and then return to Directv which usually will fix the problem. It will remain stable from this point forward for the entire viewing session. Turn off the components for any extended period of time and the problem will reappear the next time I turn everything back on. Firmware updates on the Denon are current. Anyone see this in their home theater. I spoke with an AV guy and he says he's seen this on Yamaha and other brands as well. He thought it had something to do with the video software in the AVRs having trouble converting between 2K and 4K signals. I just want to understand if this is common and whether a newer model will fix this.

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