Denon 4311 - Amp assignment for Zone 2 messes up Main Zone


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In my Main Zone, I have assigned my Front-Wide speakers to Bi-Amp with my regular Front Left and Right.

More recently, I have added a Zone 2, and have assigned Front-Height speakers to that Zone. However, I find that when I do this, it kills the Front-Wide assignment to my Bi-Amp.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Steven Lyall


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This is common on most amps that the powered 2nd zone is at the expense of biamping the fronts or 7.1 etc. The amp only has so many internal amps inside and these can only be assigned to one function or another and not both. Hence you will need to decide which option you want to use. If you want to use multiple different configurations at different times you will either need to rewire the rear each time and then reassign the connections in the amp or use a speaker selection switch and again reassign within the amp each time you want to change them around (this will be a bit of a faff).

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