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denon 3910 vs 2910 for 350 usd difference ?


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:cool: hello guys

i am going to dubai next week and i am thinking about buying a new dvd player which will either be matched with the denon 3805 or Marantz sr 7500
the 3910 is a little bit out of he budget but the difference between the 2 is about 350 usd
the denon 2910 costs around 860 usd wheras the 3910 is around 1200 usd
i dont intend to change my dvd for at least 3 years so i need something that has to be a little bit future proof i will be using the dvd with my infocus x1 it wont beattached to a tv set for sometime until i get an lcd or plasma
what do you guys think and if the cd playback quality of denon 3910 is better then 2910 or equals a cambridge audio 640 C it will save me the expenses of buying a cd player as well

i would highly appreciate your ideas on the matter

all the best and thanks in advance


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i would really appreciate any comments


Now I'm using 3910 for my all-in-one player for DVD and CD. For 3910 vs 2910, are:
1. AL processing+, that's the reason you go for Denon.
2. Protein-plated tray.
3. Heavier. More stable for mechanic parts.

The AL processing+ is something amazing. It sounds much better than the "hi-bit on" on my Pioneer AX-5AI even both working in a similar way.


Have used a 2910 through a Cyrus preamp and amp for CDs and SACD, and for movies using virtual surround 2 channel setting. All three sound great.

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