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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Gary Nash, Oct 12, 2004.

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    Have been running the 3910 in standard R2 mode for a week, the ilink connection working fine alongside the co-axial output, but this has gone kaput since the multiregion firmware was installed.

    Loaded the dealer supplied disc last night, player reset to multiregion OK, but hit a major problem.
    After setting the ilink output to on, I found the audio from co-axial was no longer output.
    Had to switch off ilink for audio from DVD movies to be heard.

    Tried re-activating ilink to playback a sacd - no audio output via ilink.

    The Yamaha Z9 amp failed to get details of the ilink status, so I deleted the device so it could be re-registered.
    Despite numerous power cycles, re-seating of cables, switching to alternate ilink ports, reloading of the firmware, 3910 initialization, the Yam kept stating device was unrecognised.

    Although the 3910 has the IEE1394 icon lit, the yamaha has no matching icon. It's almost as if the 3910 is failing to output the ilink signal through the port.

    Then to add the cherry on top, I turned ilink off and got no sound from the co-ax - so now the DVD soundtrack is failing to output whether ilink is turned on or off!

    I anyone else using the ilink connection from the 3910 with the MR firmware and having better luck than me?

    I'll be contacting my dealer later today, but I'll check in this evening to see if the forum has any similar experiences.


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