Denon 3910 / 3805 - Assigning Input Help Required!


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Hi All,

currently i have my Denon 3910 connected to my Denon 3805 via a single coaxial cable.

I have set the Component Input for DVD as Video-1 and the Digital Input Assignment as Coaxial-1. Everything works fine.

However, when i want to play a CD through the Denon 3910 i have to go back into the Digital Input Assignment and change CD to use Coaxial-1, because it doesn't let me use Coaxial-1 for both CD/DVD use from the same source.

Is there a wat around this?

I will eventually be using Denon Link 3 - will i still have the same problem?

Cheers All...


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The simple solution is to listen to CDs with the amp set to DVD! The Denon can remember what processing to apply to an input digital signal - so if it is receiving PCM data from a CD over the coax cable, you can set it to Stereo; if it is receiving Dolby Digital data you can set it to DD, and it will remember the relevant setting when you change what sort of disc is in the DVD player.

Exactly the same thing will happen with Denon Link 3. If you really wanted to, you could assign the DL3 connection to DVD and the coax-1 connection to CD, but there is no point in doing so - just leave the amp on DVD and let it sort it all out for you.

There is no difference sound-quality-wise between the CD and the DVD input - they're just labels!


Please see my post of yesterday on 3910/3805 problem with origional post by sozgediz - should solve your problem just sub coxa for D link is article.

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