Denon 3808 7.1 setup question


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Hi, I am new to this forum, have a newbie question that is hopefully easy to answer.

Using a Denon 3808 with a PS3, 7.1 HT setup. My lisetning position is similar to typical 7.1 diagrams




Here is my problem / question. When playing 5.1 source, how do I get my 3808 to play surround signal to SBL and SBR?

Surround is currently playing back through SL and SR.

The SL and SR are new additions, and I am used to listening to 5.1 playback through where SBL and SBR speakers are, gives me a more 'surround' feel.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)


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If I understand you correctly,I'm fairly sure the 3808 is unable to do this when configured for correct 7.1 operation.
You could achieve what you require,by using the the surround A and B speaker terminals,and switching between the two,but that would mean binning proper 7.1 functionality.
I'm guessing you're not a fan of using the various Dolby or DTS processing modes for 5.1 sources,which uses the SB channels to "fill out" the rear soundfield.
I would suggest giving yourself some time to acclimatize to your new correctly-positioned 4 speaker surround set-up.I think you'll learn to love it. :)


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Hmm, I never considered using the simulated sound fields to fill out the 2 SB speakers....what sound fields do you recommend?


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As a starting point for Dolby Digital 5.1 sources,I would suggest enabling the surround back channels and use EX.
For DTS 5.1 ditto and use ES.
For 2 channel stuff,try DPL11X or DTS Neo 6.

A little experimentation is really required here as there are quite a few permutations available to you,and what is best,is what YOU prefer.

To achieve what you originally wanted, you could add two additional speakers and place them adjacent to the surround back channels.
These would be connected to the surround 'B' terminals,and you could switch between the A and B speakers as required.

I think you've got some playing ahead of you :D


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Thanks! Went to menu, parameters, SB Out, and set the rear channels to PLIIx C.

The SBL/SBR are now supporting the SL and SR really well. This works for PCM and Bitstream, but have to go to menu and set both sources separately.



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Glad to be of help. The 3808a is so feature packed,it does take a while to find your way around it.
Once you've got the hang of it,it's a doddle.:)

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