Denon 3806 and XM Satellite Radio


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I was browsing google for reviews / comments on the Denon avr 3806 and found the following quote on Toms hardware site

"XM Satellite Radio fans will love the fact that the '3806 is "XM Ready" — it can tune in XM broadcasts as easily as regular receivers tune in AM and FM stations. Simply plug in the XM Connect & Play Antenna (sold separately) and you'll enjoy instant access to more than 150 XM Satellite Radio channels, and you can even change channels using the '3806's remote"

Is this purely a US option or is anything / will anything of this ilk be available to us poor sots in the UK?

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Why do we always get the cool technology last?


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I think its a supscription service, although i may be wrong, either way you wouldn't find me paying to listen to the radio and foreign adverts.


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bilge said:
Why do we always get the cool technology last?
Slighty OT I know but I was listening to the Engadget podcast and they all say the same thing! :lesson:

They think that Euro is ahead of them! :devil:


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A mate of mine who lives in the states has an XM Satellite Radio in his car. I basically believe that it is their version of digital radio although using satellite obviously. I think the main reason for it's use in the states is the fact that it's a very big country and much more difficult to provide broadcast coverage. It's no good in tunnels and under bridges though! ;)

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It is a US only option as far as I am aware. Our options will more likely come from being able to listen to web based programming. This has not trickled down to us 38xx users yet.


Its a pity we cant get XM, i spent some time in the states an XM was brilliant.

There was over 100 channels of every genre of music.

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