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I'm hoping you can help out a confused newbie. I know this is probably in a forum somewhere, but I can't find it, so....

When exactly is the upscaling feature of a Denon 3805 useful if you are using HDMI to go direct from DVD to Plasma? Will I get any benefit at all if I'm stuffing my sky+ video signal through the amp? I kind of suspect not....

All of this Home Theatre stuff has got a lot more complicated since I last bought an amp 10 years ago. Was somewhat shellshocked to discover I need to hook the amp up to the TV before I can set it up just to listen to music... Needless to say I'm struggling...
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Upconverting is of most benefit to projector users, because usually composite, s-video and component are non-interchangeable, meaning if you have sources ranging over the 3 types you need a cable of each running all the way to the projector which can be costly and a pain to set up. With the 3805 you can have all the inputs going into the amp using different types and then it all gets output down the component cable, meaning you only need buy and route a single cable to the PJ - much easier! The fact the 3805 will take 3 component inputs is a big help too, especially to those of us with US Xboxes etc. With a plasma, which I assume is right by the amp anyway, the benefits of upconverting are considerably less (although it's been said that the upconverted signals are superior, but I've not seen much of a difference). As for your situation - the amp doesn't support HDMI itself, so the video swithing would be of little benefit in that aspect (you would have to keep the direct connection), although if you use other sources (consoles, Sky, VCR etc) it may help.


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So probably not worth worrying about until I run out of inputs on the 504 media box? Thanks Mr Bump!

All my consoles are upstairs plugged into the old 43" sony...



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So probably not worth worrying about until I run out of inputs on the 504 media box?
Not entirely sure what a '504 media box' is, but if it is one of those powered input switching boxes, you would be much better off using the amp to switch your sources - the likelyhood is that the internal wiring between the input and output terminals will be of a much better quality (and therefore less signal degredation) than in any 'Switch Box'. If that's not what a 504 media box is though, just ignore my rambling.... ;)


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504 Media box is the media box of the Pioneer 504 HDE plasma, I assume.. and therefore has to be used..


I had all the cables in place and connected to my old receiver but in order to improve picture quality with my new Marantz S3, I upgraded to a receiver which upscales and the quality with all sources now input by component is unbelievable.


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