Denon 3803


Ok, quick question....

Whats the best way to get the on screen display from my Denon 3803 to the Panasonic AE500 projector?

Use a 10 metre normal Video cable or 10 meter S-Video cable?

Which is better?

Opinions please....



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Well if it's just for setting up just use composite video a single 10m cable is far cheaper than a 10m S-Video cable my .02 worth
cheers laurie


Thanks laurie

The video cable seems to be the best choice.

Where can I get a 10 metre component video cable from?


Stereo Steve

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If you just want this for the OSD, don't get a component cable, get a COMPOSITE one. It'll have an RCA plug on each end, a component cable has 3 and will be hugely more expensive. Have a look on Ebay for a long subwoofer cable or something with phonos each end, it'll be fine. I got mine for a fiver.

If you want to actually pass video signals from a DVD player or similar through the amp to the PJ then you want either an Svideo or component cable as composite will not be too hot.

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