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I'm thinking of this receiver instead of the pioneer ax5i,to accompany a denon dvd2200,with either the mission 5 pack or the aegis evopro3b.Which set up would compliment each other the best.Music wise i want to get a seperate amp so has the 3803 got pre-outs?


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It has got pre outs.

I like the 3803, i think it sounds nice and looks nice......looks better than the 3805 IMO.
I find it excellent for surround sound, but not brilliant for stereo music, so i'm also thinking of getting a seperate amp for music.
Just trying to decide weather to go for the arcam A90 intergrated, which has the A/V control or maybe a P90/3 just to power the speakers a bit better.

Cannot really comment on your speaker choice..........but i think if it was my money then i would go for the evo package.
I have not heard the missions, but i have had a listern to the evo3's and they sounded ok, but just had a slight cheap sound IMO, thats about the best way i can describe it, but then i am compareing them to my M&K's so they never really had a chance, so i'm now looking at higher end/priced speakers.

i think with the amount of choice there are with speakers nowdays, it is deff down to personal choices and you must get a demo first.
there is a hugh difference between the sound of different speakers, compared to the differences you will find between the other componets in a setup.

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The 3803 is a very flexible amp and is a joy to use. I love it. Unfortunately the DACS are not up to much so you want to be running a good source into it via analogue. I would guess it's in line with any sub £1000 receiver. None of them are much cop.

As for speakers, try the Ruarks. They are very under-rated speakers, especially the little epilogues.


I've been running the older 3802 with a set of B&W 600 series speakers (see sig below) and have found these to work very well together. The speakers cost £1500 for the set of 6, but if you only wanted 5.1 then they would be just over budget at £1300. You wont find them advertised anywhere at a discount, but may be able to haggle with a dealer to get some reduction.
For music I also had Arcam amps (just sold them as part of my upgrade) bi-amping the front L&R speakers. This gave the 3802 a bit more power for the surrounds and made a huge difference for music.
B&W 603s3's are often offered in the hardware sales forum for a good price, so you may want to take a look in there. I am in the process of upgrading my receiver and speakers and so all of mine will likely be put up for sale in there once the new kit has arrived.



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I'm running a 3803 with Mission 734i floorstanders, 70C2 centre, 7DS, 701 and M7C1 Surrounds with Paradigm PS1000 Sub. I'm very pleased with it, a major step up from my Sony 930 and works well with the missions

Your main problem may be finding one, I think all the black units have gone and silver is in short supply.

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