Denon 3803 vs pioneer ax5i vs yamaha 2400 vs harmon kardon 5500



I have decided that one of these bad boys will be gracing the shelf beneath my tv.

My requirements are mostlymovies.

They will be driving the m&k k range of speakers in a medium room.

Any ideas on which one is best


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I'm not in a position to confirm which of the above would be best, BUT you should do a search under all of the models and look at any comments on driving low impedance speakers (i.e 4 ohms).

I believe you'll find that HK amps are highly regarded for being able to drive tough speaker loads. Don't pay too much attention to the manufacturers specs on this one - for example, the Denon may be rated as the same wattage output as the HK, but in real terms, with ALL channels driven, the Denon's output drops drastically.

This drop in output would translate into harsher sounding speakers at busy parts of a movie (especially when driven loud); you'll find a more gutsy amp retaining composure and sounding "easier" on the ears - smoother if you like.

Bottom line a search...

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