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Denon 3803 vs 1910


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Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new amp to replace my old yamaha and was looking at the Denon 1910, however I may be able to get a 3803 very cheap.

I know I will be missing out on HD codecs and HDMI throughput but I'm not that bothered with these at the moment.

My main query is how would the 3803 compare sound wise to the 1910?

It will be used mainly for movies but we do listen to a lot of cd's as well

The 3803 was a high end amp when it came out so is it going to sound better than the 1910 or have things moved on a lot since then?



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I own a 3803 as a second amp and I've heard the 1910, but I've not done any proper sort of comparison.

I think they're very similar, with maybe the 3803 edging it.
But I doubt I'd know the difference if I was to listen blind and in all honesty, I'm guessing.

It's a tough one to call and much would depend on the price, but if the latest gizmos are of no interest, it'd be the 3803 for me, especially if it's "very cheap".

But that's probably bias on my part and ideally you'd be able to compare for yourself.


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What speakers do you have? If they are high-end, or high end-ish floorstanders, then go with the AVR-3803 (I only sold my AVR-3802 last year). The extra power of the 3803 will benefit good/powerful floorstanders. If not, then you might as well go for a 1910 and be "future proof" (god I hate that phrase! :D )


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another vote for the 3803, especially at that price, my last amp before my current 3808 was a 3803, and it was a superb amp...

always been a fan of the 380x series, but they's done away with it now. looks like next buy, if is denon, will be the 48xx series

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