Denon 3803 question



Anyone use this amp's video switching?

Thing is, my system has got so complicated and although I use a programmable remote could do with making the whole AV set up a simpler system for the wife etc to use more efficiently.

Question is best way to do it - i.e. s-video from sky+ PS2, component from DVD and then out on exitist component to PJ?

Or use converters etc.

Anybody using video switching from this amp got any experiences - i.e. loss of quality with extra circuits etc?

Might also get rid of Linn Pre-amp and use Denon for stereo production as this would be simpler.

Would like some advice before start buying new quality interconnects.

(In the end I suppose I should sell of the whole audio side of my set up and start again with a full integrated AV Amp & speaker system that does great stereo!!!!)


I use my 3803 to up convert composite to s-vid and i have also used it in the past to up convert both composite and s-vid to component and have not noticed any difference in PQ, between going through the Denon or going straight to the screen......
But i only use a 42" RPTV, so the screen is to small to notice any diff and i think anyone would be hard pushed to see a diff right up to a 60" screen.....once you start getting bigger than that, then there might be a noticable diff in quality.
Just set one up like this for a good friend in Hong Kong. Using only component cable from amp to PJ; All other sources are composite only. Upconversion works OK except for some instability noticed on replay or recorded VHS. No visible degradation of component feed from DVD when comparing direct feed to feed switched via amp (same cable in each case).

Not expecting any increase in quality - just convenience without a reduction in quality.

If you say "crap in crap out" how would you suggest connecting up - my understanding is that progressive component is about the best I can get for pq from a DVD?


I didn't expect any PQ improvement for up-converted sources. But, given that they have a 3803 already, it seemed to me that using its up-conversion would save the expense of a fairly decent 10m composite cable, without any loss of PQ. Not to mention the increased unsightliness of an extra cable. Oh, and remembering to switch inputs on the PJ before watching. Letting the 3803 do all the work seems like a hige convenience.
I noticed a massive difference on NTL digital, previously composite direct to plasma then changed to composite to 3803 and up converted to component - even better is changing it from RGB scart -> component and switching that thru the 3803

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