Denon 3803 just broke down - need help!


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I´ve been using my Denon 3803 for video upconversion so I connect everything to it and send it to my Infocus 5700. I was watching Lord of the rings TTT extended yesterday, and when I had watched about 3 horurs the image started doing all sorts of weird stuff and then it turned of. I figured out it was the amp and it was REALLY hot. I thought I´d let it cool down and and today after about 15 minutes of watching it did the same thing... but the weird thing is that I can get the amp to to send out the video again by pressing the top of the unit. When I press.. I can hear the switch click and the picture appers, but when I let go it clicks and the image goes away. What can this be??

p.s. the amp is rather new, but I can´t use the warranty because I bought it in the uk( and took it here to Iceland(because the prices are way too high here)


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Your only option is to pay for shipping to and from Iceland to where you bought it from in the UK. They can then deal with the repair and get it sent back to you once completed.


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I can get it fixed here in Iceland also, but I have no idea of how much it will be and I figure the more info I have what the problem is then the easier it will be for him to repair.


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It sounds like, you have been stacking other equipment on top of it, or maybe not giving it enough space for air( to breath) and it has got so hot, that it has started to melt the solder.
If you are not screamish about going inside equipment with voltage on it, i would suggest haveing a look yourself and trying to track it down.
It sounds like you have got a dry joint some just keep pressing it with the lid of and try and work out where it is coming from and then re-solder the joint that is bracking down.

£15 on a soldering iron and solder and a little fault finding, might be better than about £100 for someone else to do it.

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I'd definateley have the amp looked at - they do run hot and if you have it in an enclosed space it may well be overheating - can you move the amp to somewhere with more air flow and give it a test run.

As to pushing down on the top panel I'd guess that Denon have a safety device (like many manufacturers) where a small contact on the top plate switches the amp off if the top plate is opened/removed - saves blowing up too many engineers or untrained owners who what to have a look inside; these usually look like a small copper 'track' on the inside of the amp lid (a bit like the wee contacts on your Scalextric car).

I'd guess you amp is getting so hot the top plate is buckling and this contact is disconnecting until you weigh the plate back down again.

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I didn´t stack anything ontop of the amp, but that being said it still didn´t have enought breathing space...and therefore it was really hot after loud 3 hours of LOTR watching.

It took 3 hours for it to fry, but now the picture goes away after 15 minutes or so.

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