Denon 3803 Help Please


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Hi all

I have had this amp for a while and cos it is connected up to ap owerful system i got a pair of those digital surround wireless earphones, SOny ds3100,

These earphones come with a tosh link, to connect to the optical out on either a dvd player or an amp,

I have a pioneer dvd 737 going via dig coax into the amp, i connected the headphones tosh link to the optical 4 out, and nothing happens, there's no sound nothing coming out of the ear phones, i even tried to connect the tosh link into the optical out 5, there was no red light coming out when i removed the little cover from back of the amp,
so does the digital out have to be activated within the set up menu ?

If so where on the set up menu is it ? cos i have gone through all the menu's and cannot find it. - i assumed it would be automatic,

so any help would be gratefully appreciated by my wife and neighbours!

Mr Neato

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Dont know if this will help as I am still trying to get to grips with my 3803, but according to the manual

"the optical 4 and 5 jacks on the rear panel are equipped with an optical digital output jack for recording digital audio signals from a mini disc player..."

Secondly you could try an assign the inputs using the 'digital in assignment' part of the setup system.
Hope it might be a bit of help.


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hi Neato

I read that to, so from that i assume that i have to buy a tosh link to go from dvd player out into optical in 4 and then plug the other tosh link from ooptical 4 out into the back of headphone unit,
or even simpler i suppose just plug the tosh link directly to the dvd player, as it has coax going into the amp, the tosh link can go directly to my headphone unit.

many thanks for thehlp, i wouldike to know how this works
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