Denon 3802 Vs Onkyo TX-SR674E


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Mar 14, 2006
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Its time to replace the old girl (3802).

Will she be missed by going for the newer HDMI fancy woman - the onkyo 674 that is?

Or will I regret it.

I mean how can a £800 reciever be bettered then a what is now a £300 reciever. (God im scruge!)

Comments appreciated.

In my opinion not worth it, you can get HD uncompressed sound via your analogue input (unless your using a PS3).
I have just upgraded my Denon 3802 to a Pioneer VSX AX4AS-i. At first I was not sure that it was really worth upgrading as the Denon has such a great sound. After living with the Pioneer now for a few weeks I am very pleased with the money I spent. The VSX AX4AS-i is simply much more refined and the control over the sound is stronger in every respect to the Denon. The sound calabration options are endless and you can really tune a listening space to perfection. The bit I really like is the upscaling as I am still using lower quality source input, the amp makes everything just look so good, especially output to component. "I mean how can a £800 reciever be bettered then a what is now a £300 reciever." things cost less to make now, perhaps, but whatever, technology moves on and those small refinements make all the difference.
If you feel like that you could always wait and spend £1000 on the new 3808 due in the next couple of months. :D

But as others have said, things cost less to make now.
Thanks chaps!


I definatly know what you mean. But im in my new house now and my credit card has not been used for a while!! lol


Your rite there. Things do move on! I mean take my DVD player. Its a newer pioneer but performs better then my old pioneer whihc cost which twice as much!


I would love to have this amp 3808- but think I will hold back. Like everyhting - theres always a newer better model. - what a beast the new denon would be!

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