Denon 3802 vs 3805


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I have recently purchased a 3805 and currently have a 3802, whilst i wait for delivery, could any tell me what differences i can expect to find?


quite a lot i expect technolgy moves fast nowadays ive got a denon 3802 my mate has a 2805 and it blows mine to bits


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I hope so, if the 2805 beats the 3802 for sound i am getting excited.

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I had a 3802 and now have a 3806, which is a 3805 with a few extra knobs on and some light tweaking under the hood.

It would honestly be easier to list what isn't different. But sticking to sound, much clearer and more detailed, much more grip and ability to drive awkward loads louder and dynamics in a different class.

Downside - it's more complicated, which wouldn't be a problem but Denon wrote the handbook.



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I have a philips pronto, so once i sus it i will be able to write a few macros to make life easier.

Number one area of improvement i am looking for it much better dialog clarity, is this likely?


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How does the autosetup compare with the manual setup of the 3802, and does it have extra tweaks to composate for non-perfect room setups?
I had a 2802 before the 3805 and the sound difference was huge and too different to begin with.

I would say the sound difference is the 2802 sounded very warm and the 3805 sounded warm but with alot more detail and dynamics.

The auto setup is spot on for speaker distance and volume etc. The AUTO EQ I have on FLAT as the others tend to create a wall of sound which to me sounds unnatrual.

The pure direct is good for music and it is awsome for movies.

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