denon 3802 speaker setup




i've got a denon 3802 and wanted some advice on setup

I use B&w speakers on my 7.1 setup,
fronts - 603 s2
centre -c c6 s2
rear/surrounds - 601 s2
and a yamaha yst-sw160 (subwoover)

Now was I wondering which speakers i should set to large and which to small.

Also, should i leave the crossover frequentie on 80 or up?

Another one, How literaly do you guys/girls take the delay options?



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Either set all the speakers to Small and all bass to Sub. Leaving the crossover set at 80hz on the amp and set the crossover on the sub to maximum. Or try Front Left & Right set to Large, all others to Small, bass to LFE&MAIN, still leave the crossover on the amp at 80hz but set the crossover on the sub to around the lowest frequency your main speakers go down to. e.g 50hz

The delay times are simple on the Denon, just key in the distance your listening position is from each speaker and let the amp do the rest. Easy!:)

To balance all the channel levels you really need a Sound Level Meter, certainly worth purchasing if you want them set correctly.


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