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Since upgrading from a Sony 930 I have noticed the "volume" knob of my Denon now has a numerical value, mostly played at - 8db for cd. Does this mean I am pushing the Denon too much? The Sony used to be set at between 9 annd 11 with some power reserve i.e - 12, are the two similarly powered ?
Thanks Ged.


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why don't you check the power ratings of the 2 amps, and compare?

But as the sony has a standard 0-10 dial, you can't really compare it with the -db dial of the denons.


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Sure, on paper some things can be un/equal that is why I wondered if I was pushing the Denon to its max.
The Sony did seem easier to set up, 2ch for music and AFD/mode for dvd etc, I now have to faff with sub settings for CD etc.


Don't know anything about the Sony, but with my 3802 the volume can be set at, say -10 and if you switch between the different modes it will not have the same loudness on any 2 (PL2, 7 channel stereo ect). As for pushing it to much at -8 as long as it has the proper clearance for ventalation, it will run all day.



A t -8db you are certainly not pushing your 3802 too hard ( dont know what speakers you have though )

At any -db it is certainly running within it's capacity. At 0db it is at Reference level ( bleedin' loud ) and anything over that may be pushing it too hard , which is probably too much anyway.



I find that most films are loud enough at about -16db...don't usually go louder than that.

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