Denon 3802 or Sony?

B Caine

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I am thinking of getting a 3802 for xmas now I`m not too tech so is the Denon harder to set up than my Sony D???730. A good amp but no DPL2 Does anybody have any ideas? many thanks.


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I upgraded from a Sony 930 to a 3802 12 months ago. Setting it up isn't difficult, just work through the onscreen menus.

I'm very pleased with my 3802.



Will be a bit more expensive I should imagine but if you are in no hurry wait a bit longer for the Denon 3803.

B Caine

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Many thanks for the info on the 3803, I`m not too bothered about higher specs, if the 3802 is a good amp now it will still be a good amp later but at a lower price. I think the 3802 goes for £700 or so, it has all I need now like DPL2. Is this good? Once again many thanks for the answers.


You should be able to get the 3802 for £600 or less now.
The only real choice between Sony and Denon is personal preferance. Demo both and see which you like the sound of best.
Setup is no big deal with the 3802. Take your time plugging everything in and then the setup menus on the TV screen could be followed by a child (remember when only the children could set the VCR:D ).

As for DPL2 - It's the muts nuts:D IMHO
I am awaiting delivery of speakers for my plasma, but think they could go unused as DPL2 will be missed


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Originally posted by B Caine
I`m not too tech so is the Denon harder to set up than my Sony D???730.

Cant comment on the Sony but I have a 3802. When I purchased it I'd describe myself as technically compitant but a home cinema 'light weight' and I had no problems at all setting it up.
As for price, I got mine for £630 12 months ago and im sure thats the average price of these things on the net at the moment. The price fluctuated for these quite a bit over the early part of this year as there was only a limited supply and a very high demand.

After 12 months continuous daily useage I still cant fault my 3802.


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