Denon 3802 or something newer ?

Which one to partner a set of 5.1 (maybe 6.1) Kef 2005.2 or 3005 eggs ?

  • Second Hand Denon 3802

    Votes: 19 73.1%
  • New Pioneer 912 (with MCACC setup)

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • New Yamaha 740 Receiver

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • New Yamaha 640 SE Amp

    Votes: 2 7.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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I have been mulling over which is the better and wiser decision :

1) A second hand Denon 3802
2) A new Pioneer 912 (with MCACC setup)
3) Yamaha 740 Receiver
4) Yamaha 640 SE Amp

The Amp would be powering a set of 5.1 (or maybe 6.1) 2005.2 (maybe 3005 - with 300W Sub) Keff Eggs

Please vote, I would love to hear the opinions from all of you on the forum.

A big thumps up to the operators, of the forum, this is a great place :smashin:


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I'de like to see you get second hand 3802 m8 without paying through the nose. If you where interested in going to 7 speaker setup i would have voted for the denon.
Might also be worth thinking of getting the Pioneer 812 and buying a sound level meter and saving yourself some £30-50 over the 912.


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Thanks for the feedback Dfour


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Cheers Pat - I thought you would turn up on this thread :laugh:

It sure is looking that way from the poll - you haven't been manipulating it have you ? :D


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I was going to buy the pioneer 812, but I got a denon 3802 for the same money second hand. It's really nice and it's in a different league to the pioneer. Just because it's 2 years old doesn't negate the fact that it originally cost about £800 = better quality power supply, amplification and a really really cool remote control.

I can't think what else I could possibly need from it other than DTS 24/96 or component video switching, although by the time I'll be able to tell the difference with that sort of setting is the time I'll probably have enough money to buy a pre/power combo :)


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Thanks Tom.

I accept the fact about quality of power supplies etc.

What about components like the Surround Sound chip with regard to it's processing power/speed in driving the surround field.

I noted that the xx03 range of Denons have a faster 32-bit Sharc processor.

Do you think this would make an audible difference when comparing a Pioneer 812/912 to the Denon 3802 ?



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Does the 3802 have variable xover, the eggs only go down to 120hz decently... :confused:


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Good point Lowrider !

Does anyone know what the LFE x-over range is for the Denon 3802 ?


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I'm pretty sure the Xover of the 3802 is 80/100/120Hz




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Thanks Ryan


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The 3802 does do 80/100/120Hz. I have one.
You will not be disappointed if you get one.

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