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Forgive me, I'm probably doing something stupid, but I need help. I'm trying to set up my new Denon 3802 and speakers - this is my first HC system. I had read somewhere that you could set up the amp without the on screen menu, so I didn't bother to buy a cable to connect video. Looking at the manual now though, it clearly needs it.

So rummaging around I found a 3-phono cable that shipped with my DVD player (2 audios and a video), so I plugged the video lead in the front AVS socket of my Loewe Vitros and in the video monitor out of the Denon. On the TV, I set the AVS signal, trying a few different options. When I switch everything on I get a brief view of a small menu at the bottom left of the screen, but it soon disappears and the screen goes blank. I get no response pressing the setup button on the amp's remote. I'm not completely convinced the amp is responding to the remote - it doesn't do anything to suggest it's picking up an IR signal. Am I using an inappropriate cable? What signal format should I set on the TV? Or should I be worrying about the remote? I can't get started because I can't get past the first instruction - "press the setup button".
If you are getting a brief view of the signal source on the bottom of the screen, then your video link is working.

Do you have anything connected to the SVideo monitor socket? If yes, disconnect it.

Make sure that your remote is set to 'amp' by pressing the button, just below the LCD display, top right, until the word 'Amp' appears in the LCD display. It must say 'amp' for the remote to operate the amp controls.

If it says 'amp' and you still get no response, try other buttons on the remote, eg. press one of the coloured number buttons to change source to the radio and see if the output changes and/or the FL display on the amp changes. If you get nothing (but it says 'amp') the remote (or the IR receiver on the amp) are suspect.
Cheers Nigel, I tried out the things you suggested. I can set the remote to read 'AMP'. At this point if I press the yellow number buttons the amp clearly responds. But pressing setup gets no response; neither does the central jog dial. The TV just says 'No Signal'; I tried switching the amp off and on again but I can't re-create the brief flash of menu. Could my pressing the yellow buttons have put me in the wrong mode?

I can't be sure that brief flash of menu wasn't from the TV, although it wasn't the TV's usual format. I haven't used AVS before. I don't have an svideo cable. How can I check whether the problem is with the video link or not?

When you have 'AMP' displayed on the remote you are ready for the setup menu's. However, when you press the setup button on the remote, the amp is set to default to S-Video to display the setup menu's. You need to connect a S-Video cable ( just use a cheap one ) from your amp to tv. Be sure to switch the tv to accept the S-Video signal. Do this and your away !
You can also change the default setting to suit.

Any more queries just ask.

Thanks guys, I thought the amp would use the phono if no s-video was present, but it's clearly not that simple. Bought an s-video cable this morning and voila, on screen setup menu :). No doubt there was a way of making the other one work, but I guess an s-video cable will probably come in handy sometime, even if just for my new laptop.
Originally posted by Torque
I thought the amp would use the phono if no s-video was present, but it's clearly not that simple.
Strange that, I used a S-Video to scart on the old TV but since changing the TV (bigger one) it's too much hassle to get round the back unplugging and plugging the lead in (all scarts used), so just got a phono and hooked it up to the front input (video) and set up menu was on screen with no problems.
dont know if this helps but my installer shown me a neat trick

take the monitor output from the 3802 and plug that into your tv input svhs then take a lshort lead and connect the output fro your source (i use a dvd recorder e 30) and connect the output of that to the input of the amp channel vdp etc works great for me!!!!
My amp's on screen display won't come on (phono lead from amp to "svid in" on telly) until I power up my sky box or dvd player (both connected by scart). I suppose my telly doesn't recognise the on screen display signal as a "full signal" so won't wake up the screen??????:confused: Weird:rolleyes:
All you need to do is connect either the S-Video Monitor Out to an S-Video input on the TV or use the Composite Monitor Out and connect to a Composite Input on the TV. Either way will give you the Onscreen display.

You can´t take the S-Video output to a composite input for example.
Originally posted by markbuffyfan
yes but its nice to have it in the loop so u can still watch tv

If you run things thru the amp it you´ll see whatever source the amp is set to pick up, video, dvd etc the OSD is overlaid over the top of it. Most receivers do it, just depends if you want to use the amp/receiver as the central hub or not.
I didn't even know the setup menu was on screen atall when i first got my 3802 I speant all day trying to get into the setup menu <smacks head> DOH! :D

btw phoneo worked first time for me (once i figured it out obviously :p)

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