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I'm looking to put a couple of speakers in an adjacent room to my main AV / HiFi kit. Normally, on my old Yamaha amp I'd have used an A/B front speaker switching but this isn't on the Denon. I looked at using the multizone feature, but this would be at the expense of the 7.1 capability, and I doubt if I need to have AV in one room and audio running in another at the same time.

Any ideas?


Use phono's on the pre amp outputs on your Denon to hook up to your Yamaha amp in the other room.



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You have the choice, either use the Surround Back amps to power the speakers in another room (losing 7.1 capability!) or connect up a second amplifier to the Multizone outputs on the back of the amp.

Or just buy a second system for the other room.:)

You could be sneaky and connect the second set of speakers to Surround B, but use the 5/7ch Stereo mode and set the amp to use Surround B. Drawback is you´ll have the music running in the main room at the same time, coming out of the front three speakers and also Surround A if you have selected Surround A/B as the output.

Its a way of getting round it, although not perfect.


Thanks - but I don't have the Yamaha any more! I don't want / need additional kit in the other room - just the speakers.

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