denon 3802,more advice please?


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Have denon 3802,tosh 210e dvd player
looking to get dedicated cdp some time in the future, have component cables into dvd from tv, plus digital cable to amp for sound from dvd.
What i want to know is do i also need a pair of interconnects from amp to dvd.
Plays fine thru digital cable but have been told anologue would give a better sound to the music ,need some advice
Hope this makes sense?


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You can connect the dvd to the amp via a pair of analogue cables if you want to (for cd playback). Just means you´ll be using the DAC´s in the dvd player instead of the amplifier. Only you can decide whether one is better than the other though.

If you do connect them up, connect them to a different input i.e VDP or CD, saves any confusion with the amp seeing an input from both digital & analogue at the same time.



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Hi Barry,

I have a Denon 3802, and currently use a pioneer 525 DVD player for listening to CD's. I have them connected using a digital co-ax, and a stereo interconnect (decent ixos ones) plugged into the CD input on the Denon.

Having tried listening to a track and switching between CD and DVD on the amp, I have come to the conclusion that using the DAC's in the amp is much better that the ones in the DVD player.

I guess really it's down to personal preference at the end of the day, but to my (untrained & a little tonedeaf :D ) ears, the sound using the digital connection sounds much more dynamic, and has more presence. The digital connection seems to give more detail too.

Probably not as good as a dedicated CD player, put it does the job amicably for now.

Hope you understand what I'm trying to say, as I'm useless as describing sound (maybe I should get a job at essential HC :D :D )


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