Denon 3802 Fusing Problem -- Help Please?



I have a Denon 3802 av amp and it has been fusing at the plug. It is not totally serious yet as it is only the plug that is fusing so as long as i have 3amp fuses its fine.

It happens when the entire unit is totally off as in the main switch is ejected and not in stand by mode. When I turn it on it fuses. Turning on from stand by does not cause the problem as of yet.

It was plugged into an adapter which i thought could do it but then swapped it and put it directly into a seperate plug socket and it still happened?

Basically not sure where to go from here?

Any help would be most appreciated.

CHeers CS


Take the unit into another room (or house even) and just see if it happens there. Also, take all the leads out and just re-check that nothing sinsiter is wired up etc. Check the plug and check the fuses socket. What amp fuse are you using and what should it be?? Manual should state.

If it continues to do this, take it back or get it repaired. Sounds highly sinister to me.


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Are you sure that this should be fitted with a three amp fuse. The big transformers that are use in these AV amps draw a very large current when you power them up (its called the magnetisation or inrush current) this could easly be what is blowing your fuse. I would expect to see a 3.25 or 6.25 Amp fuse inside this kind of product and a 6 amp or possiblely even a 10 amp in the plug. However if this is not what it was origonally fitted with please ignore this post as I do not know the Denon product design and it should have be fitted with the safety tested type of fuse on the production line.



Discoonnected all wires and nothing sinister could be seen-- if the speaker wires are touching, it knocks the amp to standby with flashing light as it should but does not fuse.

The plug states on it 3 amp but it may be wrong as with Denon products it is what looks like an european plug in a UK plug - -so possibly the wrong one fitted?

Does anyone know if I put a larger amp fuse in -- can it cause any damage?If not I will give that a go.

Dont think the plug socket is a problem as I was running a Denon 1802 off it in an adapter - -- did not fuse once, and no other products have fused. I respect that the 3802 will draw more power but still suspicious.

Cheers for the info so far thats great. If anyone knows on the bigger amp fuse posibility that would be great, otherwise Ill try a few things.

Just to state it as well -- the problem does not happen everytime I turn it on, but I would say about 50 % of the time.

MOzzer what I mean by turning on from stand by is just turning on with the remote as oppose to phyically on the main swicth on the amp.

Cheers CS

alex f

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I have a 3802 thats only a couple of months old. It came with a plug that says 3amp (5 amp) on the back but its a moulded plug and I cant get into it (without a hammer) to see what fuse it is:mad:


Anyone know why Denon use moulded plugs and the adaptors - -- just curious as at first I thought mine was a grey import from the plug.

Also if yours is moulded - - there should still be a way to get to the fuse, what would happen if it went/

Cheers CS


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Originally posted by alex f
its a moulded plug and I cant get into it (without a hammer) to see what fuse it is:mad:
Have another look.There should be a removable fuse holder on the base.


The plugs have adaptors on them because the Amp is manufactured in Japan. The UK Amps are then shipped to Hayden Labs, and they fit the adaptor type plug for UK consumers.
The plug does indeed have access to the fuse. ( the adaptor is even removeable, but you dont wanna do that !!! )


alex f

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Why don't you want to do that? I don't even use that plug. Mine is hard wired into a surge protector and has been fine (so far?) and every other piece of av is wired that way too, otherwise I need over ten wall plug sockets!

I can see the side of the fuse on the plug and undone the screw but the plug is refusing to seperate, I don't use it anyway so if you want me to get the hammer out I could vent some anger for you?


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