Denon 3802 and mission FS2-AV's

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by harrissd, May 16, 2002.

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    When people say they have to set up the mission fs2's to get them sounding good...exactly what does this set-up process include? What needs to be done - what is it that makes them go from 'sounding crap out of the box' to really good?

    To get the amp's setting menu up on the TV...
    How can I connect amp to TV to get settings screen, when my TV only has scart sockets? I currently use a high quality RGB cable from DVD to TV and from sky digi box to TV.

    I know I can use amp as a video switching point however only s-video or component - again how can I do this when TV only has a scart socket (use a high quality RGB cable) - no s-video or component

    I don't really want to throw away my good scart cables and have to buy S-video cables.

    Also, the connection from the amp to the TV is only for a co-ax, so surely even if do buy a s-video cable from dvd to amp, co-ax isn't as good a quality back to the TV.

    Also, do you not loose quality going through amp rather than direct?

    Sorry spouting lots of questions in a not v clear way, but its late and been on the vino

    Ta in advance chaps

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    harrisd, this has been covered before.. do a search on the obvious...(I remember a BIG thread on this around xmas).

    basically though

    1. setup and install the speakers.. wall mounted, or wherever their final resting place will be. make sure the sub is between the left & right front pair. if possible, get the speakers near or against the wall.

    2. speakers to large, bass set to lfe+main, crossover at 80.

    3. set bass vol & contour to half and see how it sounds..
    try it with a stereo source - CD.. use a range of music to get this set to your preferences... see how it sounds and adjust as needed.

    4. set the contour level watching a film... again alter as per your room and preferences.

    5. the subwoofer is still a conventional speaker so needs time to bed in.. the usual 100 hours? I guess leaving music playing whilst you are out will speed this up.

    the amp questions ...either run an svideo or composite cable to the front av sockets on your TV if you want to connect temporarily.. for permanent connection, get an svideo or composite to scart cable and connect this to something else...may be the vcr if it has a spare socket going.

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