Denon 3802 - 7 channel stereo connections?


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I want to use the 7 channel stereo but the amp is only showing and outputing 5 channel stereo at the moment.

I have wired up one pair of speakers to Surround A and one pair to Surround Back/Multi Zone. The Dolby Digital 5.1 is working fine outputting to the speakers on Surround A.

The speakers wired to Surround Back/Multi Zone are in the kitchen so I'm not interested in using them as surround back speakers. The manual isn't particularly helpful. Should I be connecting to Surround B? Are there any other options in the menus that I should change. I have told the amp on the speaker setup that I have speakers connected to the Surround Back and have tried them in both Surround Back and Multi Zone on the menus with no luck.


Try pressing the 6.1/7.1 button on the remote, this switches the surround back speakers on and off. ;)


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That does switch it into 6.1 but makes no difference to the 5 channel stereo. It's the 7 channel stereo that I'm really interested in so that I can have music in the kitchen. Rather than turning it up in the lounge.



Assuming you have them connected correctly and the surround backs are switched on, try pressing the 5ch/7ch stereo button on the remote.

Have you set speaker configuration up from the onscreen menu?


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It's the 7 channel stereo that I'm really interested in so that I can have music in the kitchen

Is there such a thing as 7 channel stereo or are you referring to the multiroom or multizone function?
If you want to connect a second pair of (front) speakers connect to the B terminal.


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When the amp is in 5ch Stereo mode, just press the 6.1/7.1 button. That will switch on the Surround Back speakers. Also make sure the Power Amp Assignment in the main setup is set to Surround Back & not Multiroom.

This does mean you´ll have the same music in your main room as well as the other room. I assume that´s what you´re after or do you want music in the one room and movies in another at the same time??


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Bob007 - 5/7ch button on the remote keeps it on 5 channel stereo. Yes I've been through the on screen menu.

Reiner - 7 channel stereo is one of the features of the 3802 and is marked on the remote. In the specs the amp has 7 x 105w amplification. The multizone function is a separate issue but is possible because the 3802 has 7 speaker amps.

Jase - I'll try that tonight. Yes I want the same music in the kitchen & lounge so I can wander between the two in sonic bliss. Also thought it would be good for parties.

Thanks for all your feedback. Will you let you know what works in the end.


You will need to tell the amp that you are using an extra set of speakers. Do this in the set up menu - - just repeat the initial set up described at the front of the manual and the option for 5 or 7 speaker is there. It will detect and you can then run a sound test -- if no sound comes out then something is not connected properly.

It is worth doing the whole set up procedure again as you will prob want to change volumes of other rear speakers now that you have more. If this doesnt work, post back and ill c what you have set up differently.

Hope this helps



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Thanks bob007 & Jase. Combination of pressing 5/7 stereo button and then 6.1 button worked. Only disadvantage is that sets it up for 6.1 on Dolby Digital/DTS. The surround back channel isn't much use in the kitchen!

I went back into the setup so that the amp doesn't try to detect surround back/ EX from DVDs and this seems to work. I get 7 channel stereo and 5.1 Dolby Digital without needing to turn the Surround backs on & off with the 6.1 button.

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