Denon 3801 has been terminated. many q'ns


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Wippy Doo
I've just got back from a weekend away to find my house trashed and my 3801 kaput...
No not burgulars... teenagers
My Denon performes selftest then comes up with Rapid flashing led which the manual indicates "speaker short" or "Problem that requires Denon service"
Anybody come accross this fault before? is there a reset / fuse anywhere?
(Guess It's been overdriven no sign of beer in it.)
Can anybody suggest a good Denon dealer or repairer in Leicester / Derby area?
Seeing that the 3801 is selling for £150 s/h on these forums should I cut my losses and upgrade? and to what?
B&W CDM7NT fronts, LCR6S2 centre, old big Kef/cheap gale bipole rears, Pioneer DV565, Arcam alpha7se.


I'm sure you've considered that it was infact just what it says: "a speaker short". Maybe you could try turning it off, disconnect the speaker wires from the amplifier and turn it back on. See what happens. Good luck.

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Whats the point of upgrading if you still have the teenagers? :)

As has been stated above, until you disconnect everything and try the unit, you can't be sure it is the amp or speakers. Failing that, a repair may be worthwhile if you like the amp, but a 3801 is getting on a bit and an upgrade may be about due anyway. I have certainly noted improvements since upgrading a five year old amp.


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Part ex the teenages?

The 3806 is out soon so it could be an excuse to do a mega upgrade.
Otherwise there are alot of options from different manufactures and performance wise they have all caught up with each other as long as you take their different leanings in to consideration.

If you have the cash to spend try and find a good dealer and demo until you find something you really like. If you haven't have a look on the classifieds here, your sure
to find a bargin, as the crazies arround here are always upgrading :p .

If you want to trualy upgrade rather than going a sort of sideways step, you may be better off considering a pre/power combo rather than a flagship amp.


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Thanks all
I've tried part x ing the teenagers before... they keep coming back :(

The 3806 sounds interesting do you know when it's out?
I've got three reasonable hi-fi shops in Leicester so I'll try them at lunchtime to see if a repair is viable...
Does home insurance cover party damage?
I haven't taken the lid off to check for beer but if it's covered then my problem is merely the decision of what to buy next :)



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If its covered by accidental damage it should be i guess, just don't tell them your kids where playing unessessarily loud music.

They will either send the cheaque in the post or get someone out to check that its broke, they will see that it is and give you a cheaque.

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