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Have literally spent the evening reading through this fantastic archive of stuff and I've come across a few posts on the Denon DVD3800.

I'm looking into getting a new DVD player with progressive scan capability to hook up to my spanking new Panasonic TH37 plasma display and this seems to fit the bill. Has anyone used a configuration similar to this at all? Also, I've got a Sony DB940 amp at present and I wondering if I can use the 5.1 inputs on this to experience a bit of DVD-A, I don't think the amp will support the full 6 inputs and I can't quite stretch to an amp upgrade as I'll be paying off the TV+DVD for bloody years to come!

Any feedback much apprieciated.


Current Kit: Sony DB940 Amp, Sony DVD735 player, Mission FS2-AV speakers, Panasonic Plasma TH37PW4B,


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I too am interested in the Denon 3800, if you wait a few days, we should know if the Firmware update becoming available soon will successfuly modify your standard 3800 from the stores to multi-region, PAL Prog Scan and various bug fixes.

We need to have some kind souls to perform this update and test if the digital artifact and Chroma problems have been resolved.

In short, dont part with your cash for a short while yet! :D

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