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Aug 26, 2002
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Just found this on another forum , the 3800 comes out ahead of the a1 in picture quality, cant be right can it?
The German magazine ”Audiovison” made an comparison between Denon 3800 , Denon A-1(9000) and the Toshiba SD-9500 E.
Their test results showed (lower point is better):
- Sound quality Music 3800=1.2 A1=1.0 9500=1.2
- Sound quality Surround 3800=1.00 A1=1.00 9500=1.00
- Sound quality Overall (inkluding additional parameters than above) 3800=1.33 A1=1.25 9500 =1.31
- Picture Quality 3800=1.28 A1=1.39 9500=1.36

They actually considered the picture quality of the 3800 better than the A1 and the Toshiba, but then they may not know what the chroma bug is.

Also TAG Mclaren DVD 32 R PSM (8900 Euro) participated in the test with overall sound quality = 1.07 and PQ =1.25
I was trying to decide between the 3800, the A1 and the 9500E and was a bit surprised when I first saw this review. It is hard to believe that picture quality on the 3800 is better than the A1 but many people are claiming that the 3800 is hard to beat.

Anyway I went ahead and ordered the Toshiba 9500E ... I have discussed this elsewhere.

As a matter of interest it would appear that the Denon A1 may be ordered for £1770 from and there are also rumours that some European dealers are offering the A! at reduced prices.

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