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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by CarlB, Jun 20, 2003.

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  1. CarlB

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    Well, I read the article at 'Secrets' which insisted the 'Film' mode was the correct setting, and I saw that Denon defaulted with the 'Auto' setting, so I wondered which is really best for most material.

    After setting Film mode I tried a few discs. In particular I tried Monsters Inc, to see if I could notice a difference between Film and Auto, as it has the Alt Prog flag issue mentioned in the 'Secrets' article. The only difference I really noticed was that whenever I paused the movie in Film mode I got smooth images, but pausing while in Auto gave me horrible jaggies everywhere. I tried to perceive a difference when the movie was playing, using the scene with Mike's car as reference, but I still noticed no real issues in either mode. Perhaps film was a little sharper, or perhaps I was kidding myself.

    I then tried a few other discs, and noticed combing on both Angel season 1 (R1) and the new Manhunter (R1 Restored Director Cut). When I switched back to 'Auto' the combing vanished.

    The 'Secrets' article insists that the selection of video mode does not actually influence deinterlacing methods but it certainly appears to do something, otherwise I wouldn't have expected the combing errors.

    Has anyone else experimented with the video mode settings?

    EDIT: I just went and had another (closer) look at Monsters Inc. I *can* see a difference, not so noticeable on the scene with Mike's car but easily noticeable on the opening 'simulator' scene. The very opening shot has a toy aeroplane on the shelf with a red propellor. In 'Film' mode the edges of the propeller were utterly smooth and flawless. In 'Auto' mode there was slight streaking around the edge. This was more noticeable when the simulator 'stage' opened to reveal the red carpetted stairs and background to the other characters - it was *much* smoother in 'Film' mode, with noticeable streaking when the player was set to 'Auto'. This is a player with the updated laser assembly btw, with the full chroma big fix. Monsters Inc was the R1 disc.

    This is quite a pain now, as the Secrets article was correct in that there is a gain to be made from specifically setting the film mode for discs with the alt flag problem, but it's not as if there is a readily available list for those discs.
  2. Jan_Assembler


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    I have been using "film", from the moment I saw this Secrets review. Difference between "auto" and "film" is not noticable for my eyes when playing for example Monsters Inc. R1.

    But as you know, majority, if not all r2 pal dvd's are coded "video", so therefore it's better to keep the "auto", if you have lots of r2 movies.

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