Denon 3800 Problem.


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Anyone having problems with the 3800 whilst playing Harry Potter ? The old chapter 19 problem, can't watch the film between Cptr 19 and 24......continual blocking and frezzing.
Wouldn't have noticed bar the kids wanting to watch it on the 'big telly'
Player is 2 months old, Multi region, firmware numbers are :-
DRV 6100
ESS 34625p
ESS 720N
PANEL 6093-2

No other problems other than this ??? :confused:


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the freezing problems will hopefully be fixed by the new firmware out very soon...hopefully someone will post when it is available...



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I have the exact same firmware on my 3800 and have had no problem with Harry Potter or any other disc. Let's hope it continues in this vein, though as mentioned the new firmware should resolve your issues.


the firmware was installed on my machine on monday and all my freeze ups seem to have gone and its now pal prog and multi region , chroma free too.

love it to bits and for all the denon doubters i dont think that any other japanese company would actually do a firmware upgrade just bring out a new machine (the pioneer rep told me he thought denon were crazy doing it and people should just upgrade to newer models ) .

Carl,I now join u in your bliss
Jason, get your money out and buy one lol.
Magking go and get offical its out there
ian u 2 .
I'd love to have this but will wait until it becomes 'public', so I can do it myself..otherwise my machine would have to go back to Germany..and I couldn't bear to be without it.

Anyone have a copy of the latest multiregion firmware?

Ian Guinan


I haven't had any lockups myself----

But anxiously waiting to get hands on new firmware.
Perhaps It will cure my component out problem with ntsc...Man can hope :)

I also don't want to send my player back to Germany....
Hope we will get it soon...


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