Denon 3800, new firmware..and chroma bug.



I bought a 3800 yesterday, and brifely checked it.
It's region-free with PAL progressive enabled.

My dealer doesn't usually know much but he said the firmware region hack was done using firmware update. (not modding a chip)
Does firmware which enables PAL progressive exist?
According to to enable PAL progressive 3800 has to be modified internally.
Could anyone confirm this please? (again, my dealer said it's only done using firmware update...but he usually has no idea. :( )

I confirmed the PAL progressive. (my projector says 575/50p when I played some R2 discs.)
Anyway... I didn't have enough time to check for chroma upsampling error.

On the 3800 you can check the firmware version by depressing PLAY and OPEN/CLOSE on the player whilst powering on your player.

On my 3800,
pressing DISPLAY on the remote shows :
ESS 720

Pressing MENU on the remote shows :
ESS 625P
PANEL 6093
DRV 6100

Does anyone know if this firmware is a fix for chroma bug?

On my unmodded (so far ;) ) 3800 the firmware is as follows;

ESS 408

ESS 6094
Panel 6093
DRV 6100

I don't think I've seen anyone in the US post what their firmware was after the chroma bug fix, but on the upgraded A1 it is the following;

ESS 720
ESS 33625P
PANEL 6091-2
DRV 6100

from the original;
ESS 412
ESS 6101
PANEL 6091
DRV 6100

This was an A1 that had the US chroma bug fix applied before the european multiregion firmware though.

So it seems as if little has changed with your modded player. This seems to be just a multiregion, PAL progressive firmware and not a chroma bug fix. Shame (but I'd settle for PAL prog + multiregion at the moment!)

Ian Guinan
hey, Ian... thanks for the input. I appreciate it. :)
I'll have a closer look tonight for chroma bug. (I doubt the current firmware is a fix.) :(
BTW, Ian..

Does your unmodded 3800 display in the front panel, next to the 'Progressive Scan' indicator, 'F' for Film mode, 'V' for Video, or 'G' for Graphic ?

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