Denon 3800 component problems!!



Yes I seem to have some kind of problem....

Setup: Denon 3800 & AE100 & component cable

Playing NTSC-dvd's or just beeing in menu (stop)- when there is ntsc dvd inside....It's same if it's interlaced or progressive..

There appears to be some wavy motion in the whole picture area going from left to right side of the picture...Best seen against blue background (water) (sky) etc...Some kind of electric interference...
It seems so...

It may stop for a while and then continue the motion from right to left... It can also disappear on it's own---- Very weird...

However this "effect" cannot be seen with Pal. Only with NTSC, if I change video output to PAL it disappears...

So what could be the reason....

I hope that someone can help me with this...

I have tested the projector with RealMagic Xcard Component out (interlaced/progressive) and with the same cable i use with 3800.
There wasn't any of these "waves" to be seen...

So I am out of ideas--- I'am probably not the only one with 3800 and Panasonic PT-AE100... So If you don't have this problem... Post.




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I've tried my 3800 with an AE-100 and can confirm that I saw exactly the same effect. Only on NTSC disks and then at differing degrees from disk to disk and from scene to scene. It was always worst on static menus. I have no explanation for this at all.

I sold my AE100 so I can't research this further....I'm just hoping it is unique to the 3800/AE100 combination and won't be there with my next projector

I can't remember if it still occurred if you let the player convert the NTSC to PAL?

Ian Guinan


Ok, thanks Ian

That was nice to know, so the player is all right...
Now I don't have to send it back to Germany for repairs---

I have to live with this now... But now I know that player is in order.... It's probably the combination of 3800 & AE100...



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pretty sure there was mention of a similar problem between the 2800 mkII and the ae100 on avsforum if you have a search.

its not the projector's fault though, more the player doing something out of spec supposedly.

not heard mention of any other prog scan players having this particular problem with the ae100 either so...
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