denon 3400H with ps5 and Bravia Hdmi2.1


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Hi guys. I recently had my tv replaced to a
Sony XH950. It got me thinking about the AVR and gaming setup I have

Playstation 5
Denon X3400H 5.1 with 2 front DolbyAtmos
Sony Bravia 65XH950

at the moment I’m connecting the ps5 into the amp (along with older ps3 and Nintendo switch)
then 1 cable into the EArc Hdmi on the tv from the Arc hdmi on the amp.

My hdmi cables are 2.0 so need updating

I just wondered is there a good way of setting this up so that in future they update it to 4k/120 I can use it? Especially through the Amp or would I have to connect the Ps5 directly to the tv but then would I loose audio to the amp. Or maybe I could get a better configuration how it’s set up.

or the next question would I need an update on the amp. As I’m not sure if it supports more than 4k- 50/60hz

any advice greatly appreciated!!


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Your current AV receiver will never be updated to give it the ability to convey anything more than 4K/60Hz. The 4K/120 and 8K/60 abilities associated with the newest HDMI version 2.1 equipped AV receivers requires a specific type of HDMI chipset that isn't present onboard older models. The added HDMI version 2.1 capabilities you are after cannot ever be enacted using the hardware you currently have or be orchestrated via a firmwarte revision onboard your current AV receiver.
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I'm afraid you are going to have to purchase this year's X3700 for HDMI 2.1. There is a well known problem with the chips supplied to a great many manufacturers and it may be worth hanging back until it is sorted.


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The only other manufacturers currently with HDMI version 2.1 models are Yamaha and Marantz. The Yamaha models will not as yet include the associated 2.1 capabilities and will not do so until after they've received an update schedule for the next few months. Marantz models are the same as the Denon models due to both being owned by Sound UNited. The only thing that really differentiates the Marantz models from the DEnon models is the manner in which the Marantz models a sonically tuned. THey've a signature sound that many consider to be more sympathetic to music sources than the signature sound associated with the DEnon models. You'll pay a premium for the Marantz sound though.

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