Denon 3312 Zone 2 issue (no audio control)


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I have an issue that I can't seem to figure out (even after a lot of research).

I’m using a Denon 3312 reciever and running with 5.1 surround for movies and I also have 2 speakers in the same room (its a big room) when I listen to music with multi-channel stereo. I have these 2 speakers connected with front B assignment. This works ok-ish though the speakers under perform, also volume needs to go way up to get some decent sound from them. I understand this is because assigning the reciever as front B it shares the amp with the main fronts. So I was thinking of using Zone 2 instead of front B assignment.

Since my denon 3312 doesnt support 4k and the LG oled does I only use the reciever for the audio, so i stream all my music from my phone to the spotify app on the LG oled.

Now I know Zone 2 can only handle analog signal so there I have a problem. The LG is connected with HDMI to the reciever but the LG does not support passthrough of digital and analog signal at the same time. Looking into this problem I read that a HDMI audio extractor would be able to solve this problem.

So before buying such a HDMI audio extractor I played around with Zone 2 to understand how it works. I connected my ipad with 3.5mm jack to the pre-out Zone 2 and the audio from the ipad came from the 2 speakers. But then i noticed that i couldnt adjust the volume from Zone 2 with the reciever/Denon app (Zone 2 volume control), but only with the volume buttons on the Ipad. There are Zone 2 settings in the menu of my reciever, all these settings can be changed but nothing happens.

Im starting to think that Zone 2 isnt gonna work if I have no control over settings/volume via reciever with my denon remote app or am I missing something?

Sorry for the long post!



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Zone 2 analogue is a fixed output and the volume cannot be controlled from the unit itself it needs to be connected to a second amp and the volume controlled from there. Your iPad in this instance is acting as a the connected standalone amp. The Zone 2 are output only.


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Thanks for the reply. I have read that aswell but what I don’t understand is why denon has all these zone 2 options you can adjust when its output only?

In theory, if it is output only and I adjust the volume of my tv it should adjust the volume of zone 2 like it did with the ipad? I only focussed on adjusting volume with the denon remote app instead of the tv witch is going be the source.


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