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Here is my set up: I have a Denon 3311 with the HDMI out going to a Samsung 50 Inch TV. In two different rooms I have a HD 20 inch TV. I am trying to feed an HDMI signal to all TV's. I have an HDMI splitter 1 in 4 out.
The problem I having now is that there is no sound going to the TV's in the other rooms. If I change the internal settings in the 3311 to put the sound out through the cables, I lose the AMP sound.

I want to able to listen to the audio on the smaller TVs AND the AMP at the same time using the HDMI out.



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If you are sending multi-channel audio into the AVR it won't simultaneously play it out via the attached speakers plus decode it to 2.0 on its HDMI Output for feeding to your TV's.

If you set the Sources to 2.0 via HDMI you ought to then be able too see/hear that via the AVR + Distribution amps on the TV's.

if you replace the TV's with models that include SRS TrueSurround you can then send video + 5.1/7.1 via HDMI and the TV's can then decode the audio.

What Source devices are you working with and do you need them all to be fed to the TV's around the house



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I am trying to get every thing that comes out of the AMP to go to the other room TVs.

Right now I have two satellite DVRs running coaxial out going to the two TVS.

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