Denon 2930 picture not WOW enough?


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I need some advice, I have the equipment in my signature which I think is of reasonable quality and i think that a fairly good picture should be expected from these components..

I am not getting the WOW factor with the picture from DVD, i dont think i am over expecting but do think it should be better.

I have the 2930 connected to the 4306 by HDMI and the 4306 going to the Pioneer Plasma with HDMI. I have tried connecting the 2930 straight to the screen but this makes little or no difference.

I have even tried resetting the 2930 to factory in case i made a setting change that affected picture quality.

Dont get me wrong the picture isnt poor just not pin sharp as i would expect from these components..

I would appreciate any help or advise from you...



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Have you tried playing around with the Enhancement settings etc?


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I have tried adjustments on the screen and on the 2930...are there anyones in particular you mean?


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The Enhancer and DNR adjustments make the most notable differences. DNR can clean up any video noise so try that at +1. The Enhancer setting can sharpen the image up but be careful you don't go too mad as it can add too much edge enhancement to things. +3 is about as high as I'd go. You can also play about with the Sharpness settings.


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What discs are you playing ? because the variable quality of DVD discs makes a big difference to what you see on the screen.


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Jase: thanks I'll give that a go, where do I find these settings on the 2930?..

bosque: I know what you mean, still surprises me how much they vary..

I've tried a variety of discs..
Star Wars (I)
Flying Daggers
Superman Returns
Open Range

to name a few, all genuine copies..


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On the remote press the PICTURE ADJUST button and the OSD will appear. Move the cursor to M1 and then press ENTER. You can then enter the various adjustment menus. Also try MPEG NR on as well. Page 30 of the manual shows you the adjustments available.

Make sure your other main settings are also correct for the display you're connecting to (TV TYPE, TV ASPECT etc).


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Jase: that did help, picture is much more how you expect it now.

Thanks very much...

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