Denon 2930 ideal res for px60 plasma


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Does anybody know which idealy would be the best output
576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p :confused:

to feed my Panasonic PX60 plasma

hopefully the denon scaler would be better than plasmas.


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No One?


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Try 720P or 1080i. Don't think the PX60 will accept 1080P via HDMI.


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576p. The screen will scale any input you feed it to its native res anyway so best to avoid double scaling.
Let the player de-interlace and the screen scale.

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Let your own eyes do the deciding. Watch the same scene at 576p, 720p & 1080i, to see which you like best.


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You forgot 1080p :D

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No I didn't! I couldn't remember whether the PX60 accepts a 1080p input (it is not a 1080p panel), so did not confuse the OP by advising him to try it!

Should make no difference anyway - since the source would be the same SD material on the DVD, then as long as the TV can properly identify film-based material then 1080i and 1080p should give near identical results.


Best bet would be to get as close to your native res of 1366x768 as possible. That would mean 720p, but If I remember correctly the 2930 does support pc monitor resolutions like XGA, SXGA and the like. If one of those those support your native res. that would give you the best result.

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