Denon 2910 - more picture noise in HDMI than prog scan



I've been playing the DVD of Rome through my new Denon 2910 on my Loewe LCD. There is an irritating amount of noise via the HDMI setting. I haven't got the Denon set up to access progressive scan yet so I've had to rely on my slightly older Arcam 88+ DVD player, set at prog scan: the picture is completely free of noise and is very good indeed - better than Denon's HDMI playback. This is pretty annoying because I bought the Denon for the HDMI option - which the Arcam doesn't have. Actually, it's swings and roundabouts because some new DVDs - Revenge of the Sith being a major example - look far better on the Denon. One thing I've noticed with the new equipment is that I'm forever tweaking the picture - while with my old Sony Wega CRT it was always left on the same MOVIE setting: progress !

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Quality of the 2910 output via HDMI is one of its acknowledged weaknesses into HDMI displays though this is highly display dependant. I personally found prog. scan via component to be better than DVI into my display (Hitachi ALiS screen), which subsequently improved considerably when I used a 3910. Faroudja don't figure in the mid tier '30' series players about to be launched. I wonder why?!


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I'm using a Denon 2910 with a Denon 3806 and a Panasonic LCD 32LXD60 via HDMI and had no problems with sound or picture quality.

I did however upgrade to Bettercables HDMI cables before connecting everything , after reading a lot of other posts regarding problems via HDMI with sound etc
The Bettercables HDMI cable is much thicker and therefore may be better shielded.It's just a thought for you to consider

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