Denon 2910 locking up when using HDMI into Denon 2307



Hi everyone,
I'm after some desparate help!!
I have just bought a new Denon AVR-2307 Receiver and a nice bit of kit it is too!!
I have connected my Denon 2910 DVD player into the 2307 via the HDMI inputs and outputted video from 2307 to my Sony 40W2000 TV. I have set all the HDMI assigns as per the user-manual.
With the 2307 switched on and set to DVD, I then switch on the 2910 and it goes through its start-up procedure. As soon as the front panel indicator shows the time elapsed display, the 2910 completely lock up and I have no control whatsover from the front panel or remote control buttons. The only way to reset the player is to switch off and then remove the HDMI connector.
The player works fine when connected directly into TV via HDMI connectors.
The amp works fine with another HDMI DVD player (SONY) connected into HDMI inputs.
I have tried using different HDMI resolution settings on player but still the same problem!
I noticed that the 2910 connected to 2307 via HDMI, will play a DVD when the selector switch on the amp is at any position other than DVD (obviously no video on TV), but the moment I select DVD, the player instantly locks up.
I have Firmware 6720-8 installed on 2910 player.
Can anyone shed any light on the problem?
All replies gratefully received!!
Many thanks.




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i have the same problem but with the onkyo 875

I have spoke with denon and they have told me that it is a problem with the firmware

they have told me as soon the festivity are over they will send me a firmware update



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i have received the firmware from denon and the problem it is solved.

please let me know if you need the firmware and i can send it to you.



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I am getting the same issue too. I had been using DVI without any issue for the past 3 years. I just got a TV with HDMI and when I try to use HDMI with the 2910 the unit locks up. It definately sounds like there is a issue with the older firmwares.

Chicco I shot you a pm, could you send me a copy of the firmware that fixed your issue. Thanks


Please could you send me the firmware for the Denon 2910 as I have just bought a Onkyo 875 and cannot use the DVD player.

Thanks in advance

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