Denon 2910 HDMI Connection problem



I just purchased a Denon 2910 and 60" Sony SXRD TV. The Denon is attached directly to the TV via HDMI at 1080I. I cannot get a picture. The display on the Denon shows a flashing HDMI and 1080i. The manual says that they should go solid after "checks" are made. They never do. I attached a composite cable to both units so I could view the setup menu on the Denon and everything seems set correctly. I checked with Sony and they say the HDMI ports on the TV are active and do not to be turned on. Anyone have an idea on what might be wrong?


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I have the 2910 and this has worked fine over HDMI connected to my plasma but i cannot get a picture through my new amp. Just get the blinking like you do which i think means that the HDMI "handshake" will not estabilish.

The 2910 has been around a while and others on this forum reckon I need to get a firmware update. Also, my 2910 will not load or play a disc, it just locks up.:confused:
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