Denon 2910 DVD player to LCD computer monitor.

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    I hope this is a simple question, but what is the best way to connect the Denon 2910 DVD player to a LCD computer monitor that has VGA and DVD-I inputs?

    I'm looking to buy a new LCD monitor (19" or bigger) and desperately would like to hook my computer and DVD player to it at the same time. Put would the monitor accept the DVI-D connection from the Denon 2910 which is encrypted with HDCP.

    How could you do it?

    You must be able to plug the Denon into some sort of LCD monitor using DVI-D - or do I have to buy an LCD television (are the inputs different in some way?).

    I know you can buy combi LCD monitors / televisions - some even widescreen - but does anyone know the quality of these, resolutions, best buys, etc....

    I really want an amazing LCD monitor, that I can use to show amazing resolutions both from my computer (VGA) and DVD player (using DVI-D).

    Or can I connect my Denon 2910 to a 19" CRT PC monitor - what do I need to do this, when all I have is a VGA input? Does anyone know of the best solution for picture quality. Do I need to buy a video scaler device, etc... does anyone know of any solutions?

    Any help would be very much appreciated,


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