Denon 2910 DVD-A question


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Hi all,

I recently returned a faulty 3910 and decided to downgrade to a 2910 and use the extra cash to buy an SVS PB12. Having bought some analogue pairs i decided to give my David Grey DVD-A a spin. Here's the strange thing, on my denon A11 i disticntly remember being able to view the lyrics on screen while listening to the tracks. On the 2910 however, although the audio is fine, the option doesn't even appear on the screen. Any ideas?


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Actually its a bit worse, if i set player mode to audio so it plays the audio of a dvd audio the dvd audio light comes on the player but i have no image over hdmi. If i set it to video i get a picture but i don't think i'm getting dvd audio, just the surround layer


Try to upgrade to firmware -7 or later.
There are some HMDI improvements on the newer firmwares.

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